Psicologia Barcelona

Psicologia Barcelona


This is a space dedicated to you.

At Psicologia Barcelona we offer you an integrated vision of the human being, where we contemplate your mind, your body, your spirit and your affectivity, as a whole that is in constant interaction with your environment, your relationships, family, work .... everything in everything. The individual and all its parts in relation to all its environment.

In Barcelona psychology we tackle the problems from two main aspects:

1) The inner part, the thoughts, feelings, cognitions, etc. That is, how you live your reality and how you process everything in your inner world. This part is addressed to the Consultation combining the traditional vision of psychology with other complementary therapies such as Bach Flowers, family constellations, Kathyiology, and many others.

2) The External part, which we express outward, that is, the observable behavior, our behavior and the attitude that we have before life. This part is addressed to Equestrianism, with the help of the Horses, who make us a mirror and help us work on observable reality.

In this way, in Psicologia Barcelona we address the different aspects of the person: mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical and integrate the two therapeutic spaces to be able to offer a complete treatment, that does not forget any aspect and thus be able to guarantee the results of the therapy.