Children and Youth Psychology

Children and Youth Psychology

Child and adolescent psychology is devoted to the treatment of various emotional difficulties, behavioral and learning. It seeks to address the conflicts of the child / adolescent from a multidisciplinary perspective integrating using different techniques: gestald, narrative techniques, play therapy, projective drawings, systemic education, relaxation techniques and body language. This is in order that the child can channel all that anxiety and can make the most of their abilities.

Considering that when we are born we become part of a family system, social, cultural, etc, it is important that the therapeutic approach relying on the family and school. In this sense takes into account each of its members to give more strength to its parent process. This will make tracking such individuals and families, because each of the members, especially his father and mother may have their own space for questions, conflicts and other emotional needs. Also included, if necessary, interviews at the school to incorporate the vision of educators and provide a broader support to the child.

The therapeutic process consists of an initial interview with parents to make a thorough examination of your child's difficulties / a. From here you schedule scans and sessions with the child / family to and from the confidence and consensus.


  • Night Terrors
  • Eating Disorders: bulimia, anorexia, binge eating
  • Decontrol PULSE
  • Disruptive CONDUCT